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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) - Monitoring and Tracking Messages & Errors

In this post I am going to discuss about the Monitoring & Message tracing functionality of the Oracle Integration Cloud service (ICS).

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Let's Start with Monitoring of ICS:

Login to your ICS portal, you will see a homepage similar to this

Click on Monitoring, this will navigate to Dashboard. you will see a dashboard similar to below

Dashboard contains monitoring information about your active integrations. Last 3 days data is available for these integrations.
Monitoring Data presents various insights about the integrations and their Runtime behaviour.
At the Bottom, there are two Tabs, Integrations (It list all Integrations, shown in above Screen), Activity Streams (It list recent transactions at Source request, target request, response etc with Instance ID, Shown in Below Screen)

Now, we will take a look at Tracking Tab.

You remember, while designing a integration, we had added input field for tracking purpose. Tracking Tab keeps details like InstanceID, Time of Request, Status, Value of Tracking field etc.

Now if you want to dig down a particular instanceID, Click on the Source Field, It will open a graphical representation of that IntanceID. Shown Below

Now if you want to see your Business Identifiers, which was added during Integrations design, Click on the Business Identifiers button at top of Screen,

If you want to See a Audit trail of Message flow, Click on 'Actions' on top right corner, then Select 'View Audit trail', It will show trail of message flow like below

Lets head back to Dashboard, Now if you want to look for any failed or Errored out instance, Click on the Error as shown below. 

 One of the Legacy Logs like feature is also included in ICS. Since we are familiar with Logs in Weblogic Servers and SOA systems. If you want to download Logs of the Integrations and Instances. Go to Dashboard. Now open 'Activity Stream' Tab at bottom. Here you will find a option to Download Logs.

These Logs are Legacy Weblogic Style logs.
Since Oracle ICS uses Oracle Service Bus 11g at Backend for Integrations, Hence these logs are similar to OSB tracing Logs.