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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Repository Creation Utility (RCU) - Creation of DB Schemas for SOA 12.2.1

Many of the Oracle Fusion Middleware components require the existence of schemas in a database prior to installation. These schemas are created and loaded in your database using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).

Here I am going to explain steps for Running RCU and Creating Schemas for Oracle SOA 12.2.1

Step 1:
Navigate to oracle_common/bin in your installation directory.

Here you will see below, files

Step 2:
Locate rcu.bat, Double click on it, it will a new window in some time as below. Then click on Next button.

Step 3:
Now you need to have SYSDBA credentials of your DB, Select 'System Load & Product Load' then Click next.
If you do not have SYSDBA credentials, select other options as suitable.

Step 4:
Enter details of your DB and click on Next button.

Step 5:
It will try to connect to your DB, the Click on OK Button.

Step 6:
Enter the Prefix of your Schemas, then click Next

Step 7:
It will check for Pre requisite, once completed click on OK button

Step 8:
Enter the Password for the Schemas, you can either keep the same password across schemas or different for each schema. Then Click on Next button

Step 9:
Select space requirement for your schema, then click Next

Step 10:
It will show you Temp table against each schema, Click on Next Button

Step 11:
It will show you a warning that, tablespaces will  be created, Click on Ok

Step 12:
It will create Tablespace, once completed click on Next Button

Step 13 :
Here you will see a summary screen, make note of the Schema names, then click Create.

Step 14 :
You will see a completion summary screen, Click on Close button.

Voila !
You have successfully completed creation of new Schemas for SOA 12.2.1

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