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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

File based MDS configuration SOA Jdevloper

Hi Guys, Today we are going with Steps for File Based MDS configurations.

STEP 1 :
Login to EM console.Expand SOA and right click on soa-infra and selcet Adminstration -->MDS configuration.


Click on Export button on MDS configuration screen and save it your local disk

unzip the folder soa_infra_metadata, 
you will see the 
apps folder. 
All your project related WSDlS,XSD,fault-policy.xml,fault-binding.xml etc will be inside the apps folder.


Now go to your C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\integration\seed folder in your system, or it could be any other location as well, based on your Installation directory.
The above path created automatically while you installed JDeveloper studio.


Copy and Paste apps folder, which you have got in from STEP 2.
Now its look like C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\integration\seed\

To use these schemas/wsdl etc in Jdeveloper we need to add some parameters in adf-config.xml under Application Resources.

Click on the adf-config.xml
Note:For each and every application it has his own adf-config.xml file persist.

Once opened the file need to add metadata-storage-usage_2 

          <namespace metadata-store-usage="mstore-usage_1" path="/soa/shared"/>
          <namespace metadata-store-usage="mstore-usage_2" path="/apps"/>
        <metadata-store-usage id="mstore-usage_1">
              <metadata-store class-name="oracle.mds.persistence.stores.file.FileMetadataStore">
              <property  name="metadata-path" value="${oracle.home}/integration"/>
              <property name="partition-name" value="seed"/>
        <metadata-store-usage id="mstore-usage_2">
             <metadata-store class-name="oracle.mds.persistence.stores.file.FileMetadataStore">
             <property name="metadata-path" value="C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\integration"/>
             <property name="partition-name" value="seed"/>

1. I have specify mstore_usage_2 path="/apps"-------because my all schemas   under that folder only.Incase ur schemas under apps folder only u can specify path like path="/apps"
     :Oher case if your schemas folder name is SOASchemas then u can specify path like

2.Metadata-Path value  must be C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\integration in real time scenarios
3.Patition-name valuse must be seed in real time scenarios.


STEP 6: 
To use a wsdl or any resource in your project use below reference. 

      <schema xmlns="">
         <import namespace="" schemaLocation="oramds:/apps/ApplicationComponents/BAM/LoggingBAM.xsd"/>


    Thats it guys.