Friday, 5 February 2016

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS)

1          Introduction

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is a simple and powerful integration platform in the cloud to maximize the value of organizations investments in SaaS and on-premises applications. Oracle Integration Cloud Service is Oracle's integration platform as a service (iPaas) and includes an intuitive web based integration designer for point and click integration between applications, a rich monitoring dashboard that provides real-time insight into the transactions, all of it running on a mature runtime platform on Oracle Cloud.
Oracle Integration Cloud Service simplifies development of integrations between your applications in the cloud and between applications in the cloud and on premises, all without needing to write code or install and manage infrastructure or middleware.

2        Features

With Oracle Integration Cloud Service:
 • Connect securely to applications and services in the cloud and on premises
• Point and click to create integrations between your applications with a powerful browser-based visual designer—it even runs on tablet
• Select from a growing list of integrations built by Oracle and Oracle partners
• Monitor and manage your integrations
• Manage errors

3        Development Lifecycle

With Oracle Integration Cloud Service quickly develop and activate integrations between the applications. Major steps are:
• Configure Adapters - The first step in integration design is to identify the applications which needs to integrate, and then configure the connection details.
• Design Integrations - After adapters are in place, create integrations by dragging and dropping those adapters into the designer. Designer is similar to MFT 12c and Jdeveloper SOA Designer.
• Map Data – After Design, Use the graphical Mapper (Similar to XSLT mapper) in Oracle Integration Cloud Service to map data between applications. After mapping, integration is ready to activate. This also supports Lookups similar to x-ref.
• Monitor Runtime – Oracle Integration Cloud Service has Dashboard to view stats that gives details of integrations running. This can be used to pinpoint bottlenecks, monitor errors, and see details for each running integration.

4       Common Design Examples

Oracle Integration Cloud Service caters to various key integration use-cases spanning across SaaS and on-premise applications.
Some of the common Examples, which can be addressed using Oracle Integration Cloud Service:
• Oracle Marketing Cloud sends a notification that a lead has become an opportunity for Oracle Sales Cloud.
• Oracle Sales Cloud publishes a customer-created event, and Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud subscribe to these events.

5        How to Get Start

Getting started with the Oracle Integration Cloud Service, can be broadly divided into three steps:

• Subscribe – To get start with Oracle Integration Cloud Service, Subscription of the service is required. There are various options available for the subscription.

• Learn – There are various documentation available at Oracle website at location

• Do – Features available with the this steps
•         Start Integration Cloud Service
•         Create connections
•         Create integrations
•         Map data
•         Create lookups
•         Monitor integrations

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