Sunday, 14 February 2016

Oracle SOA Suite 12c - OSB Domain Configuration

Here we are going through the Steps for the creation of OSB Domain.
Since we have already Installed Oracle OSB suite 12c for Windows.

If you want to go through the Installation Steps:
Refer my Previous Blog Post at :

Oracle SOA Suite 12c 12.2.1 - Installation for Windows

Lets Start with OSB Domain Creation

Step 1:

Open Folder location 
<Middleware Home>\oracle_common\common\bin

Location as per Previous post, which discusses about installation steps

Here you will see below files

Step 2:
Double click on config.cmd  This will open Configuration wizard

Step 3:
Provide Name and Location of Domain then click Next

Step 4:
Select Oracle Service Bus, it will automatically choose all the required apps.
Then click on Next button

Step 5:
Provide location for the Applications, or keep the default location. Then click Next

Step 6 :
Provide Admin Password (Make a note of it ). Then Click on Next button

Step 7:
Keep the default value, click on Next
If you want similar control as Production, then select Production here

Step 8 :
Select manual Configuration , to Provide details about the DB schemas .

Before this We need to create DB schemas using Repository Creation Utility. Follow my Previous post to Create Schemas at:

Repository Creation Utility (RCU) - Creation of DB Schemas for SOA 12.2.1

Step 9:
Fill the DB Schema details for each of the Datasource by selecting each one by one

Once all filled, Click on Next button

Continue Learning Steps of Domain creation in my Next Post at

Oracle SOA Suite 12c - OSB Domain Configuration part 2


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