Thursday, 4 February 2016

Fusion Middleware 12c Outbound - SAP Integration using SAP Adapter

To Achieve a Integration Between Fusion Middleware 12c Outbound - SAP, First we need to install SAP JCo Library.
For the Steps of Installation, Download and Configuration, refer to my Previous Blog post

Fusion Middleware 12c – SAP Adapter Configuration

Now lets Move on with steps for the Fusion Middleware 12c Outbound - SAP Integration using SAP Adapter.
 It can have two High level Steps :

1. Create integration Using Jdevloper for SAP Adapter. (   Design Time Configurations )

2. Deploy to Server and Configure Run time adapter details. ( Run Time Configurations )

  Design Time Configurations

     The steps to create Service Bus outbound integration service are :

a.       Open JDevloper 12c (SOA Extensions should have been installed.)
b.      Create a Service Bus Application.
c.       Create a Service Bus Project
d.      Drag & Drop SAP adapter from Components palette to External Services Pane, shown Below in image

.      Adapter configuration screen will appear, Enter the Name of the Adapter, Click Next

f.        In this step, Enter JNDI Name then Click on the ‘+’ button to add a new SAP Connection, This will Open new Connection window

g.       Provide the below required details for connection. These details are given by SAP system
UserName , Password, Client, Language, Application Server, System Number

h.      Click on the Test Connection. If all the provided details are correct, Connection should be successful.

i.         Once connection is successful, click on OK button to close connection wizard, then on Next button. The below screen will be shown


k.       Next is the JCA summary Screen, Click on Next Button.

Continue with the steps on next Post at

Fusion Middleware 12c Outbound - SAP Integration using SAP Adapter - Part 2 

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