Friday, 5 February 2016

Integration using Oracle ICS - Source ( Webservice ) to Target (Webservice)

Lets Start with Oracle ICS

The High Level Steps are :
1. Create Target Connection
2. Create Source Connection
3. Create Integration using Source and Target Connection, Create Mapping.
4. Activate your Integration.

Login to Your ICS account at using your ICS credentials

Once you have successfully Logged In, Below screen will be shown

Create a Target Connection :

Step 1 :
Click on "Create Connections", You will see next Screen as Below 

Step 2 :
Now Click on 'Create New Connection' at Right Hand Side of Page, This will take you to Connection creation Wizard.

Step 3 :
Select SOAP, since we are creating a connection to Target Service which is a SOAP Web service 

Step 4 :
Provide name of this Connection, then click on Create button

Step 5 :
A screen like below will be visible. 

Step 6 :
Now Click on 'Configure Connectivity'. 

Step 7 :
New screen will ask you for WSDL file. Either upload a WSDL file from your Local machine or Provide a WSDL URL available on web.Then Click OK.

Step 8 :
Now Click on 'Configure Credentials' If you Target service is Secured then Provide Credentials. For this Demo, Target Service is not Secured hence I will choose 'No Security Policy' Then Click on OK.

Step 9 :
Now click on Save .

Step 10 :
Now Click on Test button, to test your target connection. If you have provided all details correctly. You will see a screen as below :

Step 11 :
Now Save all changes, and exit from connection. Your connection to Target is created.
Target Connection Name for this Demo is Demo_Airport_001.
A Screen Similar to below will be shown.

Create a Source Connection :

Now follow Same Step1 to Step 10, to Create a Connection for Source. 
Only with a change at Step 4 - Give Different Name 
E.g Demo_Airport_001_ Source

A screen similar to below should be seen.

Continue reading the Steps of this Post in Part 2 at below location

Integration using Oracle ICS - Source ( Webservice ) to Target (Webservice) Part 2

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