Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Oracle SOA Suite 12c - SOA Domain Configuration part 2

This post is in continuation with my previous post, about SOA domain creation. You can find part 1 at

Lets Continue with the steps of domain creation:

Step 9:
Fill the DB Schema details for each of the Datasource by selecting each one by one
Once all filled, Click on Next button

Step 10:
The Wizard will test each connection, if you have given correct information, then all connection will show success as below, Then Click Next

Step 11:
Click Next on the Screen,

Step 12:
On this screen select the elements, which you want to configure for your domain. For example select Admin server and Manage Server then click on Next, as shown

Step 13:
Provide Server port Number, Host Address, and SSL port, You can keep the default setting as well. Then Click Next

Step 14:
For Managed Server, Provide Name, Port, SSL Port, or keep the default settings.

Step 15:
Since we have only one Managed server, hence we do not need cluster, Click Next

Step 16:
Click next for Coherence and Coherence Cluster Screen. Click on + button to add Machine, Provide details of your machine

Step 17:
Then look the Summary of your configuration and Click Create

Step 18:
It will take some time to create the domain. The last will be the confirmation screen.

Voila, you have successfully created your SOA Domain.

In case you want to configure OSB Doamin, refer my previous post:

Oracle SOA Suite 12c - OSB Domain Configuration


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