Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Invoke Web service hosted at Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) using SOAPUI - Part 2

This post is in continuation with my previous post, you can find the part 1 here

Let's continue with steps

Step 5:
This will open a new Pop up, Select Basic, then click on OK.

Step 6:
Provide your Username and Password.

Step 7:
Now Right Click on the Request tab. You will see a window similar to below. Select 'Add WSS Username Token'

Step 8:
Select 'Password Text' and Click OK. This will add a Security Header in your Request.

Step 9:
Now again Right Click on Request Tab. Then Select "Add WS-Timestamp"

Step 10:
Select 60 in new pop up window Then click Ok. 
This will Add Timestamp to your request

Step 11:
Now click on Test button, to execute the request. This button is highlighted in yellow 

Step 12:
Thats all, you will receive the response from your ICS service

Congrats !, You have successfully invoked Web service hosted at Oracle ICS

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