Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Integration using Oracle ICS - Source ( Webservice ) to Target (Webservice) Part 2

This post is in continuation with previous post, you can find part 1 at

Lets continue with steps :

Create Integration using Source and Target Connection, Create Mapping:

Navigate to Integrations Screen and Click on 'Create New Integration'
A Screen similar to below will be seen

Step 1 :
Select 'Map My Data'. Screen shown Below will appear. Provide Name of the Integration and Click Create.

Step 2 :
Now Drag and Drop connections from Right Side Pane to Source .A screen as below will be shown. Provide Name of your Source, Then Click Next

Step 3 :
Select Operation from Available Operations. Then Click Next. As Shown below

Step 4 :
Verify the Summary, and Click Done

Step : 5
A Screen as shown below will appear.

Step 6:
Repeat Step 2 to Step 4 for Target connection. A Screen as below will appear

Step 7:
Now Click on 'Create Map' A + button will appear. Click on it, as shown below

Step 8:
You will be naviagated to Mapper Screen. Create a Source to target Mapping by Drag and Drop.
As Shown below

Step 9 :
Click on Save, and Exit Mapper. Shown below

Step 10:
Repeat Step 8 and Step 9 for Response Mapping.
A screen as below will be shown

Step 11:
Now Click on Tracking to add any field for Audit and tracking purpose. Then click on Done.
Shown below

Step 12 :
Now Click on save and Exit Integration Editor.

Step 13:
Now Click on Activate to deploy your integration.

Step 14:
Select tracing checkbox to Enable Deep data tracing.

This is all, We have successfully created and Deployed our integration using Oracle ICS.

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