Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Oracle SOA Suite 12c - OSB Domain Configuration part 2

This post is in continuation with previous post, you can find part 1 at :

Lets continue with domain creation steps

Step 10:
The Wizard will test each connection, if you have given correct information, then all connection will show success as below, Then Click Next

Step 11:
Click Next on the Screen,

Step 12:
On this screen select the elements, which you want to configure for your domain. For example select Admin server and Manage Server then click on Next, as shown

Step 13:
Provide Server port Number, Host Address, and SSL port, You can keep the default setting as well. Then Click Next

Step 14:
For Managed Server, Provide Name, Port, SSL Port, or keep the default settings.

Step 15:
Since we have only one Managed server, hence we do not need cluster, Click Next

Step 16:
Click next for Coherence and Coherence Cluster Screen. Click on + button to add Machine, Provide details of your machine

Step 17:
Then look the Summary of your configuration and Click Create

Step 18:
It will take some time to create the domain. The last will be the confirmation screen.

Voila ! you have successfully created your OSB 12c Domain.

In case you want to go through the steps for SOA domain, refer my previouspost here:

Oracle SOA Suite 12c - SOA Domain Configuration

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